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New interview with me hits the web! I talk about how I got started writing, why I'm so drawn to the dark stuff, and offer some (hopefully helpful) advice to aspiring scribes. Read it at!deathofcool/c210v.  [read more]

If I Was Stupid Rich…

February 28, 2014
A few weeks ago, while we were having our Valentine's Day dinner, my husband asked me what I would do with my money if I was extremely wealthy. I said, after buying a modest house and modest car and setting enough aside that I could live comfortably off the interest for the rest of my life (so I could write fiction full time), I'd participate heavily in charitable actions. But not by actually giving money to charities, instead I'd keep my eye out for news stories like this one, where society has either let someone down or a family has stumbled upon a patch of insurmountable bad luck and I would anonymously give them the money that would once again improve their quality of life. As I explained, that would be a million times more meaningful to me than some stupid $10,000 handbag or a lot of the other dumb things ...  [read more]
Tomorrow is gaming marathon day. Me + a whole bunch of gamers from around the world will be aiming to play for 25 hours straight to raise funds for sick and injured kids. As promised I will be doing hourly updates on my progress, mental/physical condition, and what exactly I'm up to, but I won't be doing them here. The best way to follow along is to subscribe to my Tumblr ( or to my Facebook fan page ( If you'd like to sponsor me  (and help out the SickKids Foundation here in Toronto) - it's not too late! - visit This is going to be fun...    [read more]

Extra Life Achieved!

October 28, 2013
Holy smokes! I just met my Extra-Life 2013 fundraising goal! Thank you everyone who has supported me in this effort. Please stay tuned for all the wacky posts and updates during this Saturday's 25-hour game-a-thon. Love you all!  [read more]

Extra Life 2013 Update!

October 24, 2013
We're now ten days away from the day wherein I'll attempt to game for 25 hours to straight in order to raise funds for Sick Kids Hospital. As of this morning, I'm at 49% of my fundraising goal, which means I still need a few more sponsors. Can you help tip me over? It's a crazy challenge and a darned good cause... need I say more? xoxoxo My Extra Life participant page can be found at:  [read more]

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